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In the past, childern from all over Sarajevo were coming to 'Sarajka' dept. store to 'play' with the only escalators in town.

- anonymous user in 2002 blog post

Robna kuća Sarajka (eng. Sarajka department store) known also as Unima was a large department store that opened on April 6th, 1975.[1] It was heavily damaged during the Siege of Sarajevo from 1992 to 1995. In October 2002, it held the fifth FUTURA festival.[2]

The abandoned store was demolished in 2007.[3] The decision to rebuild was made by owner BBI Real Estate. The new building opened on April 6th, 2009.[4] The old department store was nicknamed Blue Girl[1] because of its Blue-ish design described by the Yugoslav Sarajevans.


The total useful surface of 17,111 square meters, 11,000 square meters have been allocated. On five floors, the complex had a sale area with 16 departments, a supermarket, a snack bar, restaurant, wardrobe, management, dispatching and mechanical center, loan Department, storage, shelter and manipulative space. The facility had 500 employees. The building had escalators and freight lifts.

According to the first director of "Unima", Nezir Muzur, the store introduced many new items to Sarajevans. He stated, "For the first time since the existence of the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is possible for its inhabitants to supply all the goods to the necessary family in one place."


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